Gutter Cleaning and Pest Prevention: Why Regular Gutter Cleaning is Important for Ongoing Pest Control


Home Details provides gutter cleaning in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, and throughout the region. Regular gutter cleaning provides a wide range of benefits for property owners by preventing water and moisture buildup near the home. Your gutters are designed to re-direct the flow of rain away from your property, preventing issues like wood rot, mold, and damage to your foundation. By cleaning them regularly, you’re able to protect your property from some of the progressive damage that rainwater can cause.

But gutter cleaning isn’t just about protecting your property. It’s also about protecting you. We spoke with Mike DeLautre of Adapt Pest Management, a Roseville and Rocklin pest control company, to find out more about why gutter cleaning is so important for keeping pests away from your property:

“When there is a clog in your gutters, water has no way to exist, so it ends up pooling within the gutter,” Mike tells Home Details. “Insects seek out sources of water and moisture in order to survive, which leads them to your property. Pooled water is especially popular for all different kinds of insects.”

But Mike says that, while pooled water attracts cockroaches and ants, they are not the primary concern. “The biggest challenge with clogged gutters is that mosquitoes seek out sitting water to lay their eggs. It takes sitting water the size of a small plate for potentially hundreds of mosquitoes to start breeding on your property. If you don’t clean out your gutters, your property could have a total mosquito infestation with no easy way to treat it.”

Why Call Home Details for Gutter Cleaning in Sacramento County?

We started Home Details because we genuinely care about making sure that you feel safe, comfortable, and cared for on your property. We use the latest technology combined with the best possible service to ensure that your gutters are completely filled with debris. We have next-day services available if scheduling allows, and can provide you with additional help, including installing “gutter stick downspout filters” to prevent your gutters from clogging in the future.

But, perhaps most importantly, we treat you and your property with respect.

If you want to see why we’re one of the fastest-growing gutter cleaning companies in Sacramento, contact our team today for a quote.

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